A nordic project focussing on sustainable consumption and production

Our society is changing and the conditions for regional and local development has changed due to economic and cultural globalisation. Cities are developing from industrial production hubs to places where consumption is in focus – especially in the Nordic region. Powers within society are accelerating growth and mass consumption whilst local and global resources are being overexposed. Citizens and consumers are faced with numerous decisions connected to sustainable development every day and decision-makers are responsible for complex considerations between different interests and perspectives.

How can we through a Nordic network strengthen the collaboration within the Nordic countries and enhance and create inspiring examples and projects within sustainable production and consumption in the region?

SHUHUU has together with ArkDes and Form/Design Center initiated the project SUSTAINORDIC focussing on sustainable consumption and production. The purpose is to strengthen collaborations within the Nordic countries, develop existing networks and learn from each other within architecture, urban development and design in a context of sustainable consumption and production.

This is being made through conferences, workshops, articles etc. during 2016 where the end result will be presented in terms of developing new business mindsets in relation to designers/producers, new methods for distribution and to empower consumers to new ways of consuming.

SUSTAINORDIC is funded by The Nordic Council of Ministers and collaborating partners are Danish Design Centre, Iceland Design Centre, DOGA and Aalto University.

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Workshop at DesignMarch Reykjavik, Iceland, 10-13 March 2016.


The project includes

  • Concept development
  • Project management
  • Strategic communication
  • Process design and facilitation